Family accommodation / Gite in St Loup with garden

Sleeps 4 to 5 people

Something about the owners, the Gite and St Loup.

Sharon and Martin moved to France 'lock stock and Barrel' in July 2005 along with their two children then aged  7 and 10. Searching for; better weather, a good village culture, and the opportunity to immerse themselves in the French lifestyle; the Deux Sevres became their new home. Since moving, property renovation has featured heavily in their daily activities, converting a run down farmhouse and forge into their new family home where they also run a small holding of sheep, pigs, turkeys, chickens, and a veg patch. Invariably some of their local produce will appear in the Gite welcome pack.

Some historical facts about Saint Loup Lamaire

During the second world war German occupation of France, there was significant local resistance. In St Loup and in its surrounding areas there are many tributes to the heroics that were displayed during this time.  The gardens in front of the Marie pay tribute to the resistance fighters who where led by Dr Daniel Bouchet who was not only the local leader but the village Mayor and Doctor.  He survived the war.

The Chateau at St Loup featured in the 100 years war against the English, when after the second battle of Poitiers in 1356, the victorious Edward the Black Prince took the then king of France John II (John le bon) prisoner.  He was held at the chateau before being sent to England via Bordeaux where he was subsequently held for a ransom of three million crowns. The funds were never raised and he died of an illness in the Savoy palace in 1364, having never returned to France.

Another claim to fame that St Loup has relates to the Napoleonic wars.  The French sniper from the French ship Redoutable who is supposedly accredited with shooting Horatio Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805, Jacques Fernand, lived in the commune of St Loup.

The French writer Charles Perrault who famously rewrote a number of pre-existing folktales including Sleeping Beauty (he based the castle on the Chateau D'Ussé), supposedly wrote the modern version of Puss in Boots (Le Chat Botté) at the St Loup Chateau circa 1695. 

Le Colombage

9 Grand Rue Théophane Venard


Saint Loup Lamaire

Deux Sevres

Poitou Charante


Built circa 1450

Style - Colombage - Wooden cantilever

Internal walls - Torchis 

Prior to 2007 the house had been lived in continuously by the previous five generations of the Pomeilleu family.  During this time the house was a grocers run by one brother while the other brother ran the boulangerie next door.  The salon still has the stone counter which extends out into the street over which the goods were sold and evidence of the doorway which linked the two shops.  

Between the wars and into the 1960s, the house was run as a tabac.  The upstairs dressing room shows newspapers dating from February 1933 , which were used as lining paper. Many of the village elders recount visiting the tabac to buy sweets when they were young children.